Artificial Grass For Your Home

By creating an easy to maintain garden that can be enjoyed throughout the year, opting for artificial grass for homes is a great investment that increases the value of your property. The installation of artificial grass will improve and transform your outdoor space, instantly, while eliminating the need for mowing, any mess and even mud!

From leveling and soil removal, placement of weed barrier, and placement of aggregate to ensure efficient drainage, we will put together a high performance base for your new home artificial grass lawn using specialized advanced equipment and the latest skills. We make use of professional edging materials and techniques as well as sports field quality adhesive and joint tape to create a seamless long lasting finish. Our team will apply your preferred stabilizing infill and brush it onto the new

surface mechanically. We will leave the new garden artificial installation ready for use once the job is finished, by cleaning the surrounding area and removing any waste materials.

Even though the lawns still need some level of care to keep them looking awesome all year long, fake grass requires very little maintenance. Pet waste, or any other spillages, can be washed away with ease. We provide a full-service professional maintenance service for grass.

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