Do You Need To Put Drainage Under Artificial Turf

Do You Need To Put Drainage Under Artificial Grass

I remember the time when my sister’s synthetic turf was just installed and she invited us to a weekend barbeque. While we were having a good time, the rain suddenly decided to make an uninvited appearance, turning the lush green expanse of her artificial grass into a temporary waterlogged mess.  Little did we know that …

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What Is The Difference Between AstroTurf And Fake Grass?

What Is The Difference Between AstroTurf And Fake Grass

Sometimes, making your yard aesthetic is more difficult when you have options that seem identical at first glance. The choice between AstroTurf and fake grass may leave you scratching your head, wondering if they’re just two names for the same lush green covering.   However, delving into the nuances of these alternatives reveals a world of …

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How Much Does It Cost to Lay AstroTurf?

How Much Does It Cost to Lay AstroTurf

My cousins visited me a few months ago and saw my synthetic turf. Since then they have been asking a few questions about the installation and cost of AstroTurf. It seems the lush greenery and low maintenance of artificial turf have piqued their interest, prompting them to explore the possibility of transforming their own outdoor …

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Can Artificial Turf Cause Damp?

Can Artificial Grass Cause Damp

The last thing any of us want is a damp turf in our outdoor haven, making what was once a cozy retreat into a soggy disappointment. Nobody wants to lay down  their picnic blanket or let their children play on a surface that feels perpetually damp. I’m sure you have experienced that unsettling feeling of …

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Can I Lay Artificial Turf on Soil or Sand?

Can I Lay Artificial Grass on Soil or Sand

Installing artificial grass is an appealing option for homeowners looking for a low maintenance, pet and kid-friendly landscape. However, properly preparing the base beneath the synthetic turf is vital to ensure the lawn lasts and looks great for years. So an important question arises — can I lay artificial grass directly on soil or sand? …

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Is Synthetic Grass Better Than Paving Or Decking?

Is Artificial Grass Better Than Paving Or Decking

We want our yard beautiful, but the age-old debate of choosing between artificial grass, paving, or decking has left homeowners pondering the best way to achieve both aesthetics and functionality.  I have tried all of those so I will be sharing my personal insights and experiences to help you navigate through the pros and cons …

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Does Artificial Turf Get Damaged By The Sun?

Does Artificial Grass Get Damaged By The Sun

You invested money and effort into transforming your lawn into a picturesque oasis, opting for the lush green allure of artificial grass. Of course you want it to last and endure the elements with the same grace it exudes. We all do. But the sun becomes our constant companion so you are concerned it might …

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