Common Myths about Fake Grass: Debunking Misconceptions Related To Synthetic Turf In Irish Landscapes

Artificial grass has exploded in popularity across Ireland in recent years. But for some folks, there are still a bunch of myths and fake news surrounding synthetic turf that make them think twice about ripping up their lawn for an artificial makeover. 

Let’s separate fact from fiction on the biggest faux grass falsehoods for Irish landscapes.

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Once only found on the pitch at sports stadiums, artificial grass tech has come a long way since the 1960s when it was first created. These days, you can score synthetic turf that looks and feels like the real thing for your own backyard or business. 

Modern artificial grass is a total game changer, letting you ditch the mower and skip all the fertilizing, watering, and sweating to keep your grass green. But not everyone’s onboard with faking it just yet. 

Outdated myths about everything from the cost to how eco-friendly artificial grass is leave some homeowners benched. Let’s check out the starting lineup of the top synthetic turf misconceptions and send ’em packing.

Debunking Those Artificial Turf Myths

Myth #1: Synthetic Turf is Bad News for Mother Nature

Back in the day, the fake stuff used some nasty infills and toxins that weren’t so hot for the environment. These days though, artificial grass is going green:

  • Au natural infill – Stuff like sand, coconut coir, cork and other safe, eco-friendly materials are used instead of tire rubber.
  • No toxic chemicals – Modern turf contains no lead or other icky toxins that can leak out over time.
  • Less mowing and dumping – Without real grass to mow and maintain each week, there’s less gas-guzzling, chemical runoff, and waste ending up in landfills.
  • Huge water savings – Synthetic lawns require zero irrigation, saving 1000s of gallons of water each year.

Myth #2: Synthetic Grass Looks, Well, Artificial

The fake stuff used to look just that – fake AF. But new tech like sprigging makes synthetic blades look like the real thing:

  • Realistic blades – The blades are designed and textured to match real grass species down to the last detail.
  • Never fades – UV inhibitors keep the color vibrant for years – no yellowing or browning.
  • Mimics any grass type – Bermuda, zoysia, rye, fescue – you name it, they can install turf that replicates it.
  • Stays fresh and uniform – No bare or thin spots develop over time like on real grass.

Myth #3: Fake Grass Can’t Hack Ireland’s Climate

Properly installed synthetic turf is built to handle rain, wind, cold, heat and everything else Irish weather throws its way:

  • Drains fast – Rainwater quickly filters through perforations in the turf into the base below, so no puddles.
  • Stays lush in winter – The grass won’t die off or turn brown when the cold hits – it remains vibrant green year-round.
  • Wind resistant – Durable backing and infill materials keep the blades anchored tightly in heavy winds.
  • Handles sun and shade – The synthetic materials thrive equally well in both sun-drenched and shaded settings.

Myth #4: Synthetic Turf is Unsafe for Kids and Pets

Lots of parents and pet owners worry that artificial grass could harm their lil ones. But modern turf has safety covered:

  • Non-toxic infill – Pet and kid-friendly infill materials like sand contain no nasty chemicals if ingested.
  • Cooler – Synthetic grass doesn’t get as hot as the real thing in summer. Proper install keeps temps safe for paws and feet.
  • No abrasions – The rounded, flexible blades feel soft, so no scraped knees or paws.
  • Added safety – More consistent surface with no bare spots can prevent injuries during play.

Myth #5: Fake Grass Requires Lots of Fussy Care

Caring for a real lawn is a major pain – but synthetic turf doesn’t require much TLC:

  • No weekly mowing – Kiss goodbye those endless hours spent cutting the grass during the growing season!
  • Quick rinse and go – Just an occasional hose down or sweep with a broom keeps it looking tidy.
  • Infrequent deep clean – Every so often, do a more thorough raking/rinsing to revive that fresh installed look.
  • No watering, fertilizing, etc. – Synthetic turf stays lush and green completely au naturel.

Myth #6: Artificial Turf is Uncomfy underfoot

When properly installed, modern synthetic turf feels great on your feet:

  • Added base cushioning – A layer of crushed rock and pad makes for soft, springy footing.
  • Realistic blade texture – The grass blades are designed to feel like the real McCoy on bare feet or skin.
  • Cooler feel – Absorbing less heat, fake grass feels cooler than natural grass under the blazing sun.
  • Kid and pet friendly – Soft, rounded blades are gentle on paws, knees and feet when playing.

Myth #7: Synthetic Turf Doesn’t Last Long Term

Quality fake grass is an investment that will pay dividends for years before replacement:

  • 10-15 year lifespan – Professionally installed turf will look brand new for around a decade or more with proper care.
  • Future-proofs yard – No matter what climate troubles come down the pike, your lawn will stay flawless.
  • Cost savings – While upfront cost is on par with premium natural grass, the long term savings on maintenance and water are huge.
  • Lasts way longer than real grass – No need to re-sod or reseed multiple times as with high maintenance real lawns.

Myth #8: Artificial Turf Only Works on Sports Fields

Fake grass offers options for almost any landscaping project:

  • Back and front yards – Synthetic turf replicates your home’s existing grass or lets you go for a fresh new look.
  • Pet zones – Special faux grass designed for pets offers a toilet and play space they’ll love.
  • Pool surroundings – No muddy mess around your swimming pool with synthetic turf.
  • Golf practice – Install a personal putting green in your backyard for practice convenience.

Myth #9: Fake Grass is Too Pricey

Like any big landscaping investment, you need to look at overall ROI long-term:

  • Similar upfront cost – Top-tier natural grass installation is now around the same cost as high-quality synthetic turf.
  • Huge water bill savings – Thousands spent on irrigation for real grass over its lifespan is cash saved with artificial turf.
  • No more mowing and care costs – Easily over €1000 saved each year on professional maintenance.
  • Long lasting – You’ll get 10-15 years from your artificial lawn before replacing, versus re-sodding real grass annually in Ireland.

The bottom line: Modern artificial grass is a sweet alternative for Irish landscapes that looks amazing year-round with way less effort. When properly installed by seasoned pros, faux grass is eco-friendly, safe for kids/pets, comfy underfoot, and provides carefree maintenance for years. 

It’s time to bench those outdated myths – artificial grass belongs in the starting lineup for any homeowner or business wanting next level curb appeal the easy way. Give your lawn the fake out it deserves!

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Outdated myths and misinformation often prevent Irish homeowners from taking advantage of all the benefits modern synthetic turf can offer their landscape. But as we’ve covered here, concerns around the look, cost, durability, safety, comfort, and eco-impact of artificial grass are no longer valid with today’s faux lawn options. 

For busy homeowners frustrated with the grind of maintaining a natural lawn in Ireland’s challenging climate year after year, it’s time to take a fresh look at hassle-free, evergreen artificial grass. 

Quality installation by experienced landscapers can ensure your new synthetic turf lives up to its potential as a gorgeous, sustainable, kid/pet friendly landscape investment that saves you time and money for over a decade. Give your lawn the fake out and see the facts that prove artificial grass is Ireland’s new real deal.