Hosting Events on Artificial Turf: Tips for using your synthetic lawn for gatherings and events

Artificial grass is a great space for hosting outdoor events. The synthetic turf always looks neat and green, without worries about mud or mess. However, we need to take extra steps to protect the lawn and keep it clean for gatherings. Follow these tips to successfully use your artificial grass for parties, receptions, picnics and more.

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Choosing the Right Artificial Turf for Events

Not all synthetic lawns are ideal for heavy use and foot traffic. You need features that provide more support and durability.

When selecting an artificial grass for events, look for:

  • Longer blade length (at least 1.5 inches)
  • Pile height of 1.5 inches or more
  • Face weight over 50 ounces per square yard

Also consider:

  • How much foot traffic the lawn will need to handle
  • Artificial grass designed for landscape use may not hold up to constant use
  • Seek out turf marketed as “backyard multi-purpose use” or “pet-friendly”

Infill vs. infill-free blades is another decision:

  • Infill-free grasses often work better for events since there’s no loose granules to clean up
  • Infill grass handles heavy traffic better
  • Try a layered infill system with sand and rubber under acrylic coated green blades

Prep Your Artificial Lawn Before the Event

Properly preparing your artificial lawn prior to events makes a big difference in creating an attractive space. Here are some tips for getting your turf ready:

  • Remove debris with a leaf blower or stiff brush to start fresh.
  • Fluff up grass blades with a push broom so they stand upright again.
  • Freshen up the green color using turf-friendly cleaners or diluted vinegar.
  • Fill in seams around edges and secure them down so they don’t lift up when in use.
  • Check for depressions or uneven spots and rake those areas thoroughly to smooth them out.
  • Water down the synthetic turf beforehand to prevent static electricity, which attracts more dirt.

Once you’ve carried out these pre-event preparations, your artificial grass will be ready to go for setup and decorating.

Layout Tips for Setting Up Your Event

As you start setting up for your event, keep these layout tips in mind:

  • Create a diagram mapping out where different elements like tents, food stations, seating will go. Use markers to indicate the setup.
  • Strategically place high traffic areas like the bar, buffet line, or dance floor over the strongest sections of your lawn.
  • Allow enough open space around tables, chairs, tents and other items. Avoid overcrowding.
  • Anchor structures properly so they don’t pull up or tear the grass. Use sandbags or cinder blocks instead of hammering stakes in.
  • Set up interlocking plastic floor tiles or portable field turf around bars, food service areas, and buffet lines to protect from spills and grease stains. Many rental companies offer specialty matting options.

Thinking through your layout ahead of time will allow you to maximize your artificial grass area while keeping it protected.

Protecting Your Synthetic Grass During Events

Once your event setup is in place, take precautions to prevent lawn damage during the actual gathering:

  • Keep food and beverages contained over portable flooring or tarps since spills directly on grass can be tricky to remove.
  • Assign someone to periodically check for fallen debris like cups, utensils and trash which should be picked up promptly.
  • Place furniture pads under your table and chair legs, which limits dents and impressions.
  • Have guests wear flat shoes only, as stiletto heels can easily puncture holes.
  • Avoid dragging heavy coolers, equipment, or speakers over the turf. Heavier items should be carted on wheeled dollies.
  • No unauthorized vehicles should drive on the grass.

Staying vigilant during the event will help avoid many common issues.

Cleaning Up Artificial Turf After the Party

Once your event wraps up, be sure to fully clean up the lawn:

  • Remove all trash, decor elements and rental equipment from the turf. Do a thorough sweep of the area to ensure nothing gets left behind.
  • Pick up fallen debris and food particles that may have been ground in over the course of the event. A push broom is useful for gathering up crumbs and loose materials.
  • Sweep gently using a push broom and rake to lift compressed grass blades back up and maintain the lush aesthetic.
  • For best results, spray down the turf with water using a garden hose then extract any excess moisture with a wet vac. The water loosens up dirt while the wet vac removes it. This process also pulls up additional debris while fluffing up the artificial blades.
  • To tackle stubborn stains, mix equal parts warm water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Lightly spritz stained areas, let sit for 5 minutes, then wipe with a microfiber cloth and rinse off with water. The vinegar solution helps break down discoloration without chemicals.
  • For grease spots from food prep areas, liberally sprinkle on baking soda over the stain, leaving it to sit for 2-3 hours before thoroughly vacuuming up. The baking soda absorbs and lifts out the grease so it can be removed.

Thoroughly cleaning the artificial grass after events will help keep it looking fresh, new and vibrant for future functions.

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Final Thoughts

Artificial grass creates an appealing space for outdoor celebrations and gatherings. With smart prep, decor layouts and proper care, your synthetic lawn can handle parties and events while maintaining its pristine look. Follow these tips to successfully utilize artificial turf as an event space. With the right grass and precautions, you can have your cake and eat it too – just be sure to clean up the crumbs!