The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Synthetic Grass Year-Round

Artificial turf delivers the perks of a perfect green lawn without the hassle of mowing, watering or weeding. But to keep your synthetic grass thriving season after season, performing some simple routine care is key. Follow this handy yearly maintenance plan to protect your investment and enjoy a vibrant outdoor oasis.

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  1. Monthly Brush-Ups for a Natural Look: A once-a-month brush-up using a soft-bristled broom to lift flattened grass fibers and redistribute infill. This maintains the natural, upright blade look.
  1. Clear Away the Clutter: Remove fallen leaves, sticks and other debris that accumulate. After storms or on windy days, use tools like a leaf blower, plastic rake, or garden broom to ensure the surface is free from organic material.
  1. Handle Spills with Care: Accidental spills are a part of life. When they occur, don’t rub the area, because it can spread liquid. For most spills, blotting then using mild detergent and water should do the trick.
  1. Keep Weeds at Bay: Weeds sometimes sprout around edges or seams. Spot treat with an synthetic grass-safe weed killer or natural methods.
  1. Stains? No Problem: Look for rips, tears, holes and excessive matting. Address promptly to avoid bigger issues. For stubborn spots:
    • Address solid wastes first.
    • Soak up liquids with a blotting action.
    • A concoction of water and mild detergent is your best bet for cleaning.
    • Remember to rinse well after.
  1. A Pet-Friendly Lawn: Promptly pick up any pet waste, then rinse the area with water to prevent staining or odors. While liquid waste drains through artificial turf, occasional hosing keeps odors from building up over time. For a deeper cleanse, enzyme cleaners designed for synthetic grass help remove organic matter and biological residues from pet accidents.
  1. Infill: The Unsung Hero: Check areas pets frequent for flattened or patchy infill and top up as needed. Proper infill gives stability and a natural feel.
  1. Guard against the Sun’s Wrath:  Intense sun and heat reflections can damage the grass over time. Use shades or window tinting to protect the lawn.
  1. A Keen Eye for Detail: Keep an eye out for digging, tearing, or excessive matting from pet activity so you can address issues quickly.
  1. The Professional Touch: Consider an annual deep clean – A professional deep cleaning can really refresh high traffic pet areas by flushing out debris.

Bonus Tips:

  • Avoid harsh chemicals because they can discolor or degrade the grass fibers. Mild detergent and water or specialty grass cleaners are best.
  • Shield your grass from sharp objects or furniture with piercing edges. Using protective mats or periodically changing the position of items can mitigate damage.
  • Ensure adequate drainage because standing water can lead to mold or mildew. Fill any depressions and clear debris clogging drains.

Seasonal Care Tips


  • Clear winter debris: Remove fallen leaves, branches and debris using a blower, broom or rake.
  • Check seams: Inspect seams and edges after freeze/thaw cycles for gaps or splits. Re-adhere as needed.


  • Provide shade: Use shade structures or window tinting to minimize direct sun and harmful UV exposure during hot weather.
  • Deep clean as required: Periodically use a gentle pressure wash or specialty grass cleaner for a deeper clean.


  • Remove organic debris: Stay on top of falling leaves and debris before it decays. Use a blower or rake.


  • Continue routine care: Regularly brush, clear debris and blot spills as usual to maintain quality.
  • Clear snow cautiously: Use a plastic shovel in gentle motions to avoid damaging the grass.

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With routine care and following these tips through the seasons, your artificial grass will thrive for years of enjoyment. Maintaining your investment does require some occasional work, but is well worth it for a perfect green oasis right at home.